We would love to share a little part of your child's day with you through our Facebook page, as well as keeping you informed of upcoming holiday clubs and events!

We are truly grateful for your positive feedback, so please don’t forget to share the page with your family and friends, so they can enjoy seeing what we get up to at Wizz Kids



Social Networking Policy 

Wizz Kids uses Facebook to share pictures of the activities the children have accessed at club. In order to safeguard children we will:

  • Ensure all children in the photographs or posts have the correct permissions in place from their parent / carer
  • Not allow others to post on our Facebook page, i.e. only management can post on the page
  • Monitor comments on all posts and address any concerns immediately. 


Parents and Visitors’ Use of Social Networking


We promote the safety and welfare of all staff and children and therefore ask parents and visitors not to post, publically or privately, information about any child on social media sites such as Facebook. We ask all parents and visitors to follow this policy to ensure that information about children, images and information do not fall into the wrong hands.


We ask parents not to:

  • Screen shot or share any pictures from the club on social media platforms (these may contain other children in the pictures)
  • Post any photographs to social media that have been supplied by the club with other children in them (e.g. photographs from an activity at club)